BREAKING: More Setback As Labour Party House Of Reps Candidate Dumps Party In Edo

By Andrew Momoh

Ahead of Edo state 2024 governorship election,  Comrade Erasmus Ikhide, a former House of Representatives candidate for Owan Federal Constituency in Edo State, has resigned from the Labour Party (LP).

In a letter addressed to the party’s National Secretariat on Sunday, May 12th, 2024, Ikhide cited persistent infighting, factionalisation, and a disregard for democratic principles within the party as the reasons for his decision.

Ikhide expressed his disappointment with the erosion of the party’s fundamental values, which he believed had undermined the very foundation of the LP. Despite his resignation, Ikhide wished the party well in its future endeavors, acknowledging the challenges it faces in the political landscape.

The resignation letter reads:;



Labour Party National Secretariat
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation as a member of the Labour Party, effective immediately. This decision has not been easy for me, but I am compelled to take this step due to the intractable crises plaguing our beloved party and the destruction of the ethical standards and integral norms that we are universally known for.

As you are aware, I was the Labour Party’s candidate for the House of Representatives in the 2023 general election, representing Owan Federal Constituency (Owan East and West LGA) in Edo State. Throughout my political journey, I have always been driven by a passion for justice, equality, and the well-being of the Nigerian people. Unfortunately, the current state of our party has made it clear that these values are no longer prioritized.

The persistent infighting, factionalization, and disregard for democratic principles have eroded the very foundations of our party. The Labour Party was once a beacon of hope for the working class and the marginalized, but it has now become a shadow of its former self.

I can no longer continue to be a part of an organization that has abandoned its core values and principles. My resignation is not taken lightly, but I believe it is necessary to maintain my integrity and commitment to the ideals that drove me into politics in the first place.

I appreciate the opportunities I have had while serving in the Labour Party, and I am grateful for the experience and knowledge gained. However, I can no longer continue to be associated with a party that has lost its way.

Thank you for your understanding.


Comrade Erasmus Ikhide

Former Labour Party House of Representatives Candidate
Owan Federal Constituency (Owan East and West LGA), Edo State.

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