BREAKING: Popular Live Band Musician, Eze Lato Commits Suicide In Delta

A live band musician, Eze Lato has allegedly committed suicide in Delta State.

Focus Naija can report that he was the son of a great Ukwuani musician, Late Agu Lato from whom he learnt the trade and inherited the talent.

According to reports, he allegedly committed suicide by drinking an insecticide, Sniper due to frustration. He was rushed to the General Hospital, Obiaruku but despite efforts to revive him, he gave up the ghost around 2am.


Sources said he was supposed to play at a marriage ceremony that held at Umuebu on Easter Day but he chose to take his life instead.

A Facebook user, Authentic Ojuwa privy to the incident shared the update thus;


Other users collaborated thus;

Ukwuani Trumpet:

This young Ukwuani musician, Eze Lato, son of the late Ukwuani musical maestro, Agu Lato died after allegedly drinking a bottle of Insecticide, Sniper. Although he was rushed to the Hospital, Obiaruku General Hospital, but unfortunately died in the early hours of today, 2 AM. We are still inquiring to know why he decided to cut his life short.

Suicide is a rising menace among Nigerian youths. The question now is how do we reduce the rising case of suicide in Nigeria?

Ukwani TV:

Eze Lato,,the son of late Agu Lato committed suicide
Eze Lato took over from his Father Agu Lato after the death of his father,he was doing great by representing his father pretty well in the Ukwani music industry,,our source confirmed that Eze Lato actually took a dose of sniper (insecticide) and was rushed to the hospital but gave up the ghost in the early hour of the day.
As of now we are yet to ascertain what triggered Eze to have taken his own life



Daysman Eric Osaji:


Sleep well my dear brother in the ministry of singing!! Although the manner to which you left was so bad, but you indeed proved to everyone that what you carry is from God Himself not man made!!! I just hope that your father’s pattern remains! Eze Lato sleep well!!!!😭😭😭😭😭


Ishie Harrison:

Young Agu Lato, Master Eze, music pundit has gone to meet with our ancestors. He decided to end his life unjustly by drinking herbicides chemical due to life challenges but unable to manage the situation. He should have learn from people like us who have seen terrible life challenges but still stand firm believing that taught time doesn’t last but taught people last


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