BREAKING: Promise Fulfilled As Okpebholo Delivers 500 KVA To Ubiaja Community

Senator Monday Okpebholo popularly known as Akpakomiza, have once again demonstrated that he can be trusted to deliver on any promise made.

It will be recalled that last week during an interactive meeting with Ubiaja Progressive Youths (UPY), an appeal was made profusely by the youth organization to Senator Okpebholo to intervene in the electricity blackout that enveloped the community for months due to a faulty transformer.

It will be further recalled that in his response to Ubiaja Progressive Youths’ appeal, Senator Okpebholo promised to deliver a brand new transformer in order to restore electricity back to the community.

Today, in fulfillment of the promise made few days ago, Senator Okpebholo delivered a 500 KVA transformer to Ubiaja Community in Esan South East LGA to light up the community.

Senator Okpebholo has a track record of keeping promise. That is why he is nicknamed by some people as “The Promise Keeper.”

To Senator Okpebholo, governance is about solving the daily problems that confronts the ordinary people, and not speaking empty “Queens English,” that can’t change the situation of the people that are dire need of practical governance.

“What I am bringing onboard in Edo State is practical governance that will positively transform the lives of Edo people,” says Senator Okpebholo.


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