BREAKING: Soldier Takes Own Life In Tragic Incident At Abeokuta Barracks [PHOTO]


A soldier, identified as Boyi Thankgod, has taken his own life on Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Alamala Barracks in Abeokuta.

According to sources within the barracks, Thankgod, who was attached to the 35 Artillery Brigade, shot himself in the head while on standby duty.

The circumstances surrounding his actions remain unclear. However, Politics Nigeria gathered that investigations are ongoing.

A photo of the aftermath shows Thankgod’s lifeless body lying in a pool of his own blood.

“Yes, it’s true. The incident happened yesterday (Monday),” a source at the barracks revealed.

The source added: “The incident truly happened. Since yesterday, the military police have been investigating… all soldiers that were there when the incident happened, they were taken to the custody, took their statements and all the normal procedures.”

“We are just waiting for the military police officers to conclude the investigation in order to determine what actually led to the incident.”

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