BREAKING: We’ll Resist Israel’s Attempt To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza – Hamas Declares



Palestinian organization Hamas has vehemently opposed Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, vowing to resist what they perceive as an attempt to forcibly expel the indigenous population and prevent a “second Nakba.”

In a statement released on Friday by Izzat Alrisheq, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, the prominent political and military group condemned what they describe as an “extraordinarily audacious and brutal endeavour” by Israel to remove Palestinian people from their land.

They accused Israel of openly declaring its intent to commit genocide against Palestinians, adding that over 6,000 bombs have been detonated in their domain by Israeli forces.

”Nearly 500 children have been tragically killed as a result of the intense bombardment, carried out by the Zionist entity.

”They have targeted mosques, a church, educational institutions, residences, and medical facilities with bombings, yet it is our people who are erroneously branded as terrorists, the statement added.

Hamas called on their allies residing in Western countries to use their influence and pressure their governments to reevaluate their support for Israel.

They emphasized the need to correct what they perceive as misrepresentations in the media and to end the “barbaric siege” on the Palestinian people.

The statement characterizes Israel’s actions as “inhumane,” “unprecedented,” and “barbaric,” alleging violations of international laws and treaties.

The group, however, insisted that their resolve remains unbreakable, declaring their intention to continue their legitimate fight for freedom and self-determination, even in the face of immense challenges.




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