Bride Price For Non-virgins Not Scripturally Required – Reno Omokri

Former Goodluck Jonathan media adviser Reno Omokri has stated that bride price is not “scripturally required” for non-virgins.

Additionally, he asserted that males who “constantly look after in-laws as a matter of duty” are not irresponsible.

He maintained that men who look after their in-laws while ignoring their own parents are not “weak” but “wicked” no matter “the physical or spiritual excuses you use to justify your actions.”


On his micro-blogging platform, X page, Omokri wrote, “You have absolutely no duty towards her family beyond ensuring that you look after her and her offspring with love and care as your primary duty. So long as you have paid her bride price (if she was a virgin when you married her, otherwise even bride price is not Scripturally required-Exodus 22:17), any insistence that you must also take care of your in-laws is bondage.”

He, however, added, “If your wife, out of her income, chooses to do so, don’t stop her. But also do not allow her to extend her father’s house to your house. If four of her siblings are in your home while none of yours are there, then you are the wife, and she is the husband.”

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