Buhari Is Godsent: Shekau Dead, IPOB Crushed, Sunday Igboho Is Next – Igbo Man Kills Cow In Celebration Of Kanu’s Arrest


Many Nigerians are reacting to the arrest of IPOB supreme leader, Nnamdi Kanu, while some are spoiling for war others are celebrating the arrest saying it’s good riddance to bad rubbish. An Igbo man from Ebonyi State, names withheld has killed three cows in celebration of Kanu’s arrest.

The man who opened his hotel for free drinks to the public says the arrest of Kanu would put an end to the heinous and despicable acts carried out by IPOB members all under the guise of seeking Biafra.

According to him Kanu is not qualified to speak for the Igbo Nation and should stop brainwashing his people that Nigeria would break up in the nearest future, he accused Nnamdi Kanu of collecting huge funds from Biafra sympathizers and diverting it to his own personal interest while encouraging his Igbo brothers to wage war against themselves.


He further called Kanu a vagabond who is out there to scam the people and nothing else, saying Biafra’s restoration is not in the hands of half baked literates like Nnamdi Kanu.

The Igbo businessman also accused Sunday Igboho of doing the same thing Kanu is doing and swindling the gullible people by asking for the Yoruba Nation.

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“Buhari is Godsent I tell you, today Abubarkar Shekau is dead, Nmmadi Kanu arrested and soon it will be the turn of Sunday Igboho. Nigeria is presently on a path to lasting peace, God Bless Buhari”

Wahala dem say b like bone straight, why should he spend so much celebrating the arrest of one man? What are your views on this controversial development ?




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