Catholic Church Allows Separation On Account Of Violence — Archbishop Adewale

THE Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Dr Alfred Adewale has reacted to the matrimonial imbroglio that led death of the Gospel artiste in Abuja, saying that “No clerics should ever support or encourage any woman or even a man to continue to stay in an abusive relationship or marriage. It will be tantamount to connivance for any clergyman to support domestic violence.

“Though the bible admonishes the woman to be submissive to her husband (Ephesians 5:22-33), it’s not a license for the man to become a terror.”


Speaking through his Director of Social of Communications, Rev Fatjer Anthony Godonu, the Archbishop emphasized that:

“I believe strongly that any woman who feels her life is truly and sincerely threatened by her spouse should get out of such marriage immediately. The Catholic Church in such instance grants express separation until otherwise


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