Celebrating LAWSAN President, Dr Blessing Agbomhere At 42


It is your birthday, and I don’t know where to start. There are so many things I’d like to say on your special day that I literally could not fit into this article. So let me start by saying the most obvious thing: You’re a dependable Leader. Your courage, resilience and tenacity of purpose in the pursuit of your political goals have, no doubt, stood him out as one of the dogged and Youngest politicians, not minding your young age.

Since the moment you walked into my life, we got along just perfectly. You were like the perfect piece to my puzzle. Not that anything was missing, but you became a part of me and you made me better than I was without you.

You are a man who loves challenging the powers that be as a result of your passion and desire to see that your people are not deprived of their right at any given time that is why you were elected as President Nigeria Law School Students.


You’ve proven over the years that you cannot be intimidated nor coaxed while your hallmark remains your ability to stand by the truth at all-times despite all odds.

You are indeed, a Valuable Asset and Political Mobilizer of our time.

Your contributions and commitmentt to the advancement of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and humanity are remarkable.

On your Special Day, I wish you All the good things in life.

Happy birthday Dr Blessing Agbomhere

Prince Raf Jimoh Omogbai



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