Certificate Forgery; PDP’s Dilemna And Confused Dance Over Pyrrhic Victory At Federal High Court

The attention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo state has been drawn to the PDP reaction to Saturday’s ruling by the Federal High Court dismissing the eligibility suit filed against the governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki.

As if the party is convulsing from its pyrrhic victory, it has kept rehearsing the Judge’s comments in delivering the judgement like a nursery rhyme. This is pathetic especially for a party that claims it has regard for the rule of law. Is there anything wrong with the APC appealing the court ruling? No!

For reasons which are gradually becoming obvious, the PDP and its apologists on the Saturday of the ruling, had actually gone very early to the media, posting what appeared like snippets from the court verdict, like an item from a rehearsal, and even claiming victory and jubilating long before the court session actually began.

They even followed up with wild jubilation over their anticipated victory. In ignorance, the PDP forgot that this is one litigation that has many stages and that real victory can only come after it has run its full course.

The PDP’s plight right now, is understandab. It is the ordeal of a party that thrives on jumping the gun armed with a pedigree for squandering public sympathy and goodwill on frivolities.


The party is excited that now Mr Governor, Godwin Obaseki, who won an election five months ago, will be attempting to create 2000 civil service ‘jobs for life’ for the boys, after 25 years! What this means is that even the 200,000 jobs of the 2016-2020 era, was a fluke! Add this to the eight years of PDP before they were sent packing by Edo people in 2008.

The PDP must be confused as it is yet to realise that as a rejected party, Nigerians indignation at its avowed commitment to squandering huge tax payers resources on bogus procurements cannot be wished away. Its 16years of ruin remains a national monumental tragedy and that is what the APC government has been erasing from the country’s consciousness.

As a truly democratic party, the APC believes that justice maybe delayed but it cannot be denied. That is why the party has high hopes that the Judiciary in Nigeria will remain upright while ensuring, at all times, that the rule of law guides its pronouncements. The keyword here is patience, which the PDP does not have a quantum of.

Victor Ofure Osehobo, Assistant State Publicity Secretary,


One thought on “Certificate Forgery; PDP’s Dilemna And Confused Dance Over Pyrrhic Victory At Federal High Court

  1. Because they bought the judgement and have also be boasting that the Supreme Court will also give them judgement as they have made the Supreme Court a CASH AND CARRY JUDICIARY.
    The Nigeria judiciary is the problem of this country

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