Changing The Present Narrative For The Good Of The Nigerian People, By Akin Anenih


I welcome Nigerians particularly the youths to this long overdue initiative as a fundamental machinery to surmount deprivation, neglect, under development, poverty and the high degree of insecurity in our dear nation.

The decision to break my silence over the disconnect and disapprobation between the youths and successive government at different levels is necessitated by great concern,it’s also predicted on the fact that many Nigerian leaders at the *helm* of affairs have *continued* to demonstrate arbitrary abuse of power in disregard of the Nigerian youths.

Exotic positions of trust should be the exclusive preserve for only those whose foundation, orientation and training are built on discipline, dedication to service and transparent honesty. Indeed when these *quanlities* are put into governance it stimulates the response to acceptable leadership.Confounded by the worrisome *misfortune* of putting round pegs in square holes, majority of our youths have almost lost hope and confidence in government and the leadership of this country.

In my opinion, the youths determine the flexibility of the socioeconomic drive of any nation, either *positively or* negatively. When these youths are not adequately directed and provided for, they become frustrated and hopeless, hence take to violence; making life insecure and uncomfortable for all.


Every responsible government must be conscious of this fact. As the creator helps those who help themselves through diligence and obedience, so is leadership and the society .

In reality, however, the Nigerian youths have in one way or the other contributed to the setback and the perilous state of this nation.

The prevalent vote buying and thuggery have *consequently* led to incompetence in leadership, increase in robbery, kidnapping and the increasing insurgency. As youths, we can only hold our leaders accountable if we are free from partnership in electorial crime, either by way of orchestrating violence or otherwise.

However, I am invigorated by unprecedented experiment demonstrated by the Edo youths in the last governorship election. This choice and determination have visibly resulted to more dynamic and flexible leadership with proficiency in governance that is engaging in aggressive transformation to *mitigate* the despondency of our youths.

In conclusion, the Nigerian youths with *concerted effort* free from violence must rise to the occasion by choosing their leaders legitimately in future elections. This is *the* only way to be better leaders that we are expected to be.

*God Help Nigeria.



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