Check Out New Price Of Cooking Gas In Nigeria

Amidst the current hardship in Nigeria, the cost of refilling gas has become a critical concern for households across the country.

Just few days into the month of March, the average price for refilling cooking gas per kilogram stands at N1,300, marking a significant consideration for budgeting within Nigerian families.

However, the price remains relatively uniform across states, with minor variances sometimes as little as N50

The versatility of cooking gas, now widely used not only for cooking purposes but also for powering generators, has led to a surge in demand.

This increased use, particularly for those using gas carburetors in generators, underscores the growing reliance on cooking gas as a multi-use energy source.

However, it’s crucial to note that a kilogram of cooking gas offers about 7½ hours of usage for cooking but dwindles to merely 3 to 4 hours when powering generators.

The dynamics of cooking gas prices are subject to change, reflecting the fluidity of the gas sector in Nigeria. This variability necessitates continual updates to provide consumers with the most current information on gas costs.

See some prices of refilling cooking gas for different sizes of cylinders below:

1kg – 1,300

2kg – 2,600

3kg – N3,900

5kg – N6,500

6kg – N7,800

8kg – N10,000

9kg – N11,300

10kg – N13,000

12kg – N15,600

12.5kg – N16,250

25kg – N32,500

50kg – N65,000

Duration For Cooking Purposes Only:

1kg – 7.5 hours

3kg – 22.5 hours

5kg – 37.5 hours

6kg – 45 hours

12kg – 90 hours

12.5kg – 93.75 hours

25kg – 187.5 hours

50kg – 375 hours

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