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For Presidential aspirant and convener of the #YesWeFit revolutionary movement, Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has suggested that parents with pupils and teenagers in school should make friends with their children and ask the right questions, in order to know how best to protect and guide them.

This advice is predicated on the viral sex video of some teenage students of chrisland School, located in Victoria garden city in Lagos, who were on an academic trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. reported how several public reactions have followed this development, with claims and counterclaims from the mother of the female student sighted in the video and the school management.

Ikubese, in his reaction to the video said many parents are unaware of how much their children know about the bed game.

In a statement made available to Nigerian cable news online, he also advised parents on what to do, in order to properly guide their children.

Below is the statement unedited:


So, the video is all over the place.

Of an eleven years old girl and a thirteen years old boy, both students of Chrisland School VGC Lekki in a group sex during World School Games in Dubai, UAE between March 10th and 13th this year

First, that obviously was not rape.

It was a consensual act between two minors who have steadily watched pornography over time!

Whether they were under the influence of drugs remains to be proven. But grossly, they appeared fully in control of their minds as none of them exhibited wild narcotic symptoms

Consequent upon this incident, I have an assignment for parents.

Many parents unfortunately, are unaware of how much their children know about the bed game

Many will open their mouth wide, if they can get their children to open up to them on their sexual exposures


So, here’s my assignment for parents

Get your child (or children) in a relaxed atmosphere. With smiles and tease, ask to know how many pornographic videos they’ve watched.

Pay utmost attention to their immediate reaction and facial expressions. If they’re lying, it will show, so you make them more relaxed, gain their confidence and probe further…

If you’ve bought a cell phone for your child, probe further.

If you’ve bought an electronic tablet with a browser for your child, probe further.

If your child “plays” with your phone from time to time, probe further.

If your child does or has ever done school assignments on laptop (no thanks to Covid-19 lockdown saga), probe further

Do you know that pornographic links often prop up on some of these electronic devices?

Do you know that some of your children know the URL address of some of these porn sites and visit them often?

Electronics apart, do you know how much of sexual obscenities parents unknowingly or carelessly expose their children to by their own acts at home?

While we may blame the school authority for not closely monitoring these students on this particular trip, parents cannot be entirely exonerated from the blame game

The Lagos state government should properly investigate the incident and act thereupon accordingly.

While I won’t dictate how parents choose to raise their kids, I’ll strongly implore that they carry out this simple assignment and take their decisions based on their findings.

If only we are aware of how much these kids know, we will go the extra mile to protect them!

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
19th April, 2022


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