Christmas: Osaze Imasogie Admonishes Christians On Unity, Peaceful Coexistence

The leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Uhonmwode Local Government, Osaze Imasogie, has urged Christians to prioritize unity and peaceful coexistence in their Edo state. In a statement, he emphasized the importance of fostering harmony and understanding among individuals of varying religious beliefs.

Imasogie stressed the need for Christians to embrace tolerance and respect towards people of other faiths, as this is crucial for fostering a sense of togetherness and peace within their locality. He urged them to reject any form of violence or discrimination, and instead to promote love and cooperation among all members of the community.

Furthermore, he encouraged Christians to use the Christmas celebration as an opportunity to engage in activities that promote unity and understanding, such as interfaith dialogue, and outreach programs that benefit the community at large. Imasogie’s message serves as a reminder to prioritize peace, understanding, and unity during the Christmas celebrations, while addressing the importance of spreading love and goodwill during this festive season.

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