Civil Unrest Looming: Omoluabi Team Alliance cautions FG

Signals of pandemonium and civil unrest is seriously looming if Federal Government refuses to apply caution before it goes out of hand. Nigerians are at the moment going through serious pains caused by economic policies not well planned or being enforced for implementation at a very wrong time.Emotions are high, hearts are troubled and psychological traumas have been the order of the day. In this age and time, it is only expected of a responsible government who truly loves the citizens irrespective of class and status to show that their lives and welfare really matters.

Federal Government must be taken responsible for whatever becomes the outcome of this unfriendly policies that are only suspected to be targeted against a few Nigerians or elites at the detriment of several millions of Nigerians. The CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefeile and his team in the nation’ s apex bank are either ignorant of the implications of an impromptu policy that they insist should be enforced almost immediately or are only trying to be deliberate in their action to inflict unsolicited pains on law abiding and highly tolerant Nigerians.

Politically speaking one would also think that Mr. Emeifele” s decision was unilateral with a calculated attempt to revenge moves that stopped him from contesting in the APC Presidential primaries that was held by the ruling party last year Good or bad, it is not expected that the position of the arrow head of the nations apex bank be committed into the hands of a political banker who don’t seems not think that his core assignment is to propose, plan and implement economic and financial policies capable of driving the nation’ s economy on the road to great success or that which is capable of strengthening the nation’ s economy. On our part as a socio- cultural group whose core ideology and principles are that of a welfarist with a calling to speak truth to power and government where and when the need be, we refuse to pretend in a situation like this when inhabitants and citizens of Nigeria are not been treated as humans.

Mr. Emeifele should be immediately cautioned by his employer, the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammud Buhari and be made to immediately drop his personal ego and focus more on how to review and implement the policies of new naira notes deadlines through friendly measures that is acceptable to Nigerians. It is improper not to allow Nigerians have access to their hard-earned currencies in banks nationwide especially at critical moments like this when the economic situation of the country has truly gone so bad emphatically.

We do hope that Mr. President will immediately swift to action by either sending cautions to the CBN Governor or be immediately replaced for non performance and insubordination to higher authority. His position and office is not independent of the Presidency. Federal Government is by this piece advise to use the instrument of office to find a way of addressing this double issue of scarcity of fuel, hike in pump price of PMS and the worse of it all being the artificial scarcity of both old and new naira notes.
Civil unrest is looming but can be averted almost immediately as we move closer to election dates. Omoluabi socio- cultural group warns passionately.

*E- Signed*
*Omoluabi Jayeola, A.O.*
*National Convener*

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