Coffin Maker Reveals Why Mohbad Neck Was Bent Inside The Casket

The coffin maker in charge of Mohbad’s coffin has given reason on why the late singer’s neck was bent inside the box.

Recall that Mohbad, the “Peace” crooner, died on September 12, 2023 and was buried on September 13, 2023 in Ikorodu, Lagos.


Following his death, a video showing Mohbad’s motionless body inside the casket appeared online, with the singer’s neck bowed, a film that outraged many.

Following the debates that have erupted in the aftermath of Mohbad’s death, the coffin Maker reveals to all and everyone the cause for the late singer’s bended neck.


The coffin maker begs Nigerians to stop blaming him as he asserts that there was no time to take measurements for Mohbad coffins.


He added that the father and the family wanted the coffin so fast.


See reactions below;

ayor_aad: Why so fast 😢 Mohbad was never dead. That boy is crying in the grave right now .. the injection they gave him was to make him pass out for a few days to make him look like he’s really dead.. and that’s why they had to bend his neck in the coffin to avoid chances of him waking up… I keep feeling this way.

uncle_azeez: How much is casket for Naira Marley off me 😂😂.. man.down00: They broke his neck so it could fit in the coffin💔 the father has questions to answer cos what if Mohbad was unconscious? Has anyone thought about that? Why were they even in a hurry to bury him? Were they just wait for him to d!e or what💔. flames.originals: Maybe they paid the father to keep quiet and act fast.

nnenna_blinks_: What was the reason wanting to bury him fast when he is not even a Muslim? And also wanting a coffin made fast without even measuring his body if it would fit You see how fishy this young man’s demise is ? You see the question marks surrounding the ordeal What was the reason


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