Consider Palliatives Beyond Cash Transfer, CAN Tells Tinubu Govt


The Federal Government has been asked to ensure that the fuel subsidy palliatives being considered should go beyond cash transfers.

This call was made by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Friday in a statement made available to Politics Nigeria.

According to the association, the federal government should consider the introduction of mass transport across the states to reduce the cost of transportation.

According to CAN, introducing a mass transport scheme will have a profound multiplier effect.

The statement signed by the president of CAN, Daniel Okoh, read in part:

“The fuel subsidy palliatives being considered by the government should go beyond cash transfers. Government should consider introducing mass transport across the states to reduce the cost of transportation. The multiplier effect of this will be profound.

“Government should take measures to reduce the price of fuel. Such measures should include removal of unnecessary levies and taxes on imported petroleum products, the stabilisation of the foreign exchange market, and putting back our local refineries to functional and effective use.”

The association also appealed to Nigerians for more patience while urging the government to take urgent steps to alleviate the suffering of the citizens.

“The national balance seen in the recent appointment of service chiefs is heart-warming and reassuring that every segment of the Nigerian society is critical in the Nigerian project.

“The Christian Association of Nigeria, therefore, commends the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for showing commitment towards building a united, peaceful, and progressive Nigeria.

“Given the massive corruption that had characterised the fuel subsidy regime over the years, there was a general consensus that the removal of fuel subsidy had become inevitable if the Nigerian economy is to experience sustainable growth.

“However, it was also generally agreed that this must be done in such a way that Nigerians will not be subjected to untold hardship. In other words, what is idealistic must be balanced with what is realistic.

“Against the backdrop of the recent unprecedented hikes in fuel prices and alarming inflation, the national leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria wishes to express its deepest concerns over the prevailing hardships faced by Nigerians and calls for immediate steps to mitigate the situation.”

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