Controversy As Mohbad’s Father Ignites New Career In Music [VIDEO]



Social media has erupted with energy after a video featuring the late artiste, Mohbad’s father surfaced where he was seen engaged in a recording studio session. The move ignited a flurry of reactions, with many drawing attention to the striking resemblance between Mohbad and his father.

The timing of this studio session, just two months after Mohbad’s passing, has stirred mixed emotions among netizens. While some express concerns about potential exploitation of Mohbad’s musical legacy for personal gain, others perceive it as a unique form of homage. The situation is further complicated by the ongoing mourning for Mohbad, adding layers of complexity to the public’s response.


Watch the video below;

The backdrop to this event includes a series of family disputes that emerged following Mohbad’s death. Allegations from Mohbad’s mother accusing his father of obstructing the DNA testing process, vital for determining the cause of death, have contributed to the family’s tensions. In turn, Mohbad’s paternal aunt criticized Mohbad’s mother for allegedly abandoning her children at a young age, intensifying the familial discord.

Against the backdrop of these family conflicts, the investigation into Mohbad’s death remains a focal point. Initially, suspicion fell on individuals named Naramani and Samnari, but later attention shifted towards Mohbad’s wife, Omaomi, and a close friend, both of whom were among the last to see him alive. The public eagerly anticipates the DNA results, hoping for clarity on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic demise.


As social media continues to buzz with discussions surrounding this controversial studio session, the broader narrative unveils a complex web of family dynamics and an ongoing investigation, leaving the public in anticipation of further developments in the unfolding saga


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