Davido’s Alleged Baby Mama Anita Apologises To Chioma


Davido alleged baby mama, Anita has apologised to Chioma, the legal wife of afrobeats singer.

This was after jabs and taunts Anita directed towards Chioma, during which she even called Chioma a “pity wife”.

Anita also engaged in contentious behaviour after making accusations against Chioma.

A few weeks prior to her public apology, Anita posted an image of an ultrasound scan, claiming to be pregnant with Davido’s child.

However, quick-thinking Nigerians exposed her fraud by spotting that she took the ultrasound image from Google.

Despite their earlier disagreements and dubious behavior, Anita reached out to Chioma with a sincere apology.

In the statement, she admitted that her previous comments and actions were rooted in hurt and frustration.

“l am going through a tramatic & tragic time in my life. I honestly don’t want to speak on it & don’t need to, or have to speak on it. It’s too much to bear right now. I’m disquieted by all of the events that have taken place. The only thing I will say is i regret that I let my pain and feelings of betrayal allow me to turn me against another woman.

“So, I apologise to Chioma. I never intended to speak on you or your child. Losing is never a good feeling, being hurrt by someone you love and care about is not a good feeling.

“Moving forward i would prefer to be known for the light i bring into the world. Peace & Love,“ she wrote.


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