Desperate Asylum Seeker Requests Police To Declare Him Wanted For Embassy Application

The Lagos State Police Command has shared an astonishing account of a Nigerian seeking asylum abroad who approached the police, requesting to be declared wanted. This unusual plea sheds light on the challenges and desperation faced by individuals seeking refuge abroad.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reported in December 2023 that a significant number of Nigerians, totalling 260,000, sought assistance to leave the country. Analysts attribute this migration surge to Nigeria’s ongoing living cost crisis.

In an X post, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, recounted the perplexing encounter. The individual in question explicitly asked the police to declare him wanted so that he could provide evidence for his asylum application.

“‘Please, declare me wanted!’ I was stupefied. I blinked and looked at him again. ‘What did you say,’ I asked.

“Please, I want you to declare me wanted,’ he repeated.

“Why do you want to be declared wanted,’ I inquired, amused.

“Actually, I am applying for asylum at xyz Embassy. During the interview, I told them that I am being persecuted to the point of being declared wanted by the Police.

“They now asked for evidence of the ‘wanted’ declaration. I can easily do the artwork but I know they will come and verify. That is why I want it from the source,” Hundeyin wrote.

This extraordinary request highlights the extreme measures some individuals are willing to take in their quest for asylum, revealing the challenges those seeking refuge from difficult circumstances face.

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