DNA Test: See Who Is The Real Father Of Mohbad’s Son


A DNA test has confirmed that the late Mohbad is indeed the father of Liam, the son he had with his widow, Wunmi settling disputes as to her fidelity.

The DNA test was confirmed in a recent update from OGB Recent.

This announcement comes in the midst of previous speculations regarding the true father of the child.

Earlier, there were widespread calls from Nigerians for a DNA test to determine the paternity of Liam, Mohbad’s five-month-old son, following allegations of infidelity made against Mohbad’s wife.

While some people stressed the importance of verifying the child’s parentage, others considered the requests for a DNA test to be insensitive, given the sensitive nature of the situation.


After several days of speculation and public discussion, OGB Recent shared the news, stating, “DNA test confirms Mohbad is the father of his son.” This statement has sparked reactions from concerned individuals, who have taken to the comment section to express their thoughts on the matter.

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The confirmation of Liam’s paternity through the DNA test brings clarity to a topic that had been the subject of intense public scrutiny, putting an end to the speculations and providing closure to the late singer’s family and fans..

See some reactions below:

@InterntH0F: “where are all the twitter people that were insulting and harassing her claiming no be mobad get the child? make una come apologize o.”

@1stus001: “That’s a good news already, we’re now waiting for the autopsy.”

@alpha_2wits: “Those who wanted the DNA test so bad can now donate for the child if they don’t want thunder to strike.”

@AkosuaAmpofowah: “Honestly this assumption was nonsensical. If I was the wife I’d never do it to satisfy someone’s curiosity.”

@JohnNora19: “How sure they didn’t rig the result if it can take almost a month plus and the sis to the wife you announce it I doubt the result.”

@coded_ganiu: “DNA test doesn’t really prove she’s totally innocent TBH. There are still some unverified allegations about a VN with mohbad,her argument with him in the car,a leaked chat about giving him a cloth to wear etc. Hope police investigate rightly and fish out the culprits.”

@HammedJayeola: “The rate at which una run come tweet am the same way una go again come talk against it.. I don screenshot this one. Time go tell.”


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