Don’t Legalized Vote Buying By Passing The Propose Electoral Act Amendment Bill Like This – Jude Imagwe Tells National Assembly


The former presidential aides to Goodluck Jonathan, Comrade Jude Imagwe has urge the National Assembly to stop the passage of Electoral Act Amendment Bill like this because it will take away the duty of INEC and weaken the institution.

Recall that National Assembly has raised campaign spending limit of a presidential candidate by 1500 percent.

But In a short statement to AfemaiReporters, the former NANS President rejected the National Assembly’s position saying it will officially Legalise Vote Buying and prepare ground for do or die Election and deny people who have the capacity to lead the opportunity.


“It is unacceptable and repugnant to free and fair Election in our democratic process,” Imagwe said.

The stoppage of the electronic transmission of results will return Nigeria to the manual system of collating and transmission of results.

Recall that All the proposed amendments to the Electoral Act might be considered and passed into law by the National Assembly in the next two weeks, according to Senate President Ahmad Lawan.

The passage of the law was earlier slated for today but postponed, following protests against the alteration.



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