Doomed APC Leader, Is Dealing With Health, Academic, Ancestry, And Corruption Issues – PDP

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has been described by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a doomed and crawling party with a presidential candidate beset by numerous issues.
According to Track News, the APC’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, described the PDP as a party full of highly corrupt politicians during the inauguration of the APC Women Campaign Council at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday.

“Our opponents spent 16 years forgetting that the highway is an economy and that electricity is required for industrialization.” They are unaware of the transmission lines and the importance of maintenance. They were unable to make a down payment on the trail track. “They’re a termite political party,” he’d said.

In a statement issued on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Hon Debo Ologunagba, the PDP said the APC’s presidential candidate is dealing with a slew of personal, health, academic, ancestry, and corruption issues.

The PDP said Tinubu is dazed by the achievement and popularity of its candidate, Atiku Abubakar, while describing the APC as a termite party.

According to Ologunagba, the doomed APC is crawling after becoming legally crippled and no longer a legitimate and valid vehicle to field candidates in the 2023 general elections.

“For emphasis, the PDP is a serious political Party campaigning on issues, and we have refrained from commenting on the many personal, health, academic, ancestry, and corruption issues challenging the APC Presidential Candidate,” the statement said.

“Apparently, Asiwaju Tinubu has become disoriented as a result of the resounding presentation of the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, at the hugely successful flag-off of our Presidential Campaign in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, on Monday, October 10, 2022, as he can no longer articulate or engage in any productive and focused political discourse.”

“This explains why the APC is unable to form a Presidential Campaign Council, let alone launch a campaign.”

“Though the APC Presidential Candidate has degraded himself in the eyes of Nigerians, the PDP, as a dignified Party, will refrain from commenting on his personal health and alleged unwholesome addictions, for which he has become a butt of public ridicule.”

“Since obtaining the APC ticket, the APC Presidential Candidate has made no meaningful comment or contribution to serious national issues, instead resorting to illogical, incoherent, and fatuous utterances.”

Tinubu was warned by the PDP to advise himself, watch his words, face his many legitimacy and disqualification issues, and stop making himself an object of public ridicule.

The party asked the former Lagos State governor to apologize to Nigerians for the country’s woes and suffering caused by the APC’s misrule, which he helped install and for which Nigerians hold him personally responsible


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