Drama As Lady Celebrates With Cake As She Is Promoted From Side Chick To Main Chick [VIDEO]


In a heartwarming celebration of love, a woman on social media has expressed her joy and gratitude to her partner, Pablo, over her promotion from the position of a side chick to the main chick in his life.

The lady, eager to commemorate this relationship milestone, took the celebration to the next level by purchasing a substantial cake and creating two frames to honor her newfound status. In a delightful display of affection, she was accompanied by a supportive friend who cheered on the moment and assisted in holding one of the specially crafted frames.


The visibly elated man, identified as Pablo, couldn’t contain his excitement as he received the thoughtful gifts. The joyous occasion highlighted the couple’s happiness and the significance of their evolving relationship, turning a new chapter in their love story.

Watch video below;

GWG.ng reports that while Netizens are reacting to the video of the lady on her promotion from side chick to main chick, there is no mention if her promotion came vide the demotion of a former main chick or of how long her status as the new main chick will endure.

@itsleeswhag wrote: “She deserves the promotion. Na loyal sidechic boys dey promote now!”

@youngskidmusic asked: “You sure say this girl no-go regr£t her action later like this? 😑😑”

@princebrightoo said: “nothing all these imdomie generations nor go celebrate”

@Issossy inquired: “Has she written jamb? 🤦🏼‍♀️”

@Balatic wrote: “Trenches romance with the win again 😍😍😍”

@thefilmbox1 said: “All these shege wey we dey face for Tinubu hand no concern these ones 😒”


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