Drama As Mbaka Battles Witches And Wizards Over Tinubu’s May 29 Inauguration

Rev. Father Mbaka, the Spiritual Head of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), has responded to the call by the White Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria for Nigerians to pray for President-elect Tinubu.

In a video posted online, he pointed out that most of the presidential candidates have challenging cases in the Tribunal, suggesting that the country’s politicians are troubled and responsible for the current state of affairs.

He also wondered why witches and wizards would ask Nigerians to pray for the President-elect, stating that this showed even they know politicians are troubled.

Mbaka went further to say that if the witches and wizards could listen to Nigerians, they should be urged to apologize to the Holy Spirit for total peace. He expressed his surprise that even witches are now speaking up about the situation in Nigeria, which he described as funny.


Mbaka’s response indicates that he sees the call for prayers for Tinubu as an attempt to cover up the problems facing the country, which he believes are caused by the politicians.

Mbaka’s comments suggest that he is critical of the country’s political class and their actions, as he believes they are responsible for the current state of affairs in Nigeria.

His statement also reflects his religious beliefs, as he suggests that the witches and wizards should apologize to the Holy Spirit for total peace, indicating his belief that the Holy Spirit can bring about peace in the country.



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