Drama As Thief Forced To Demonstrate How He Gained Access Into A House After Being Caught [VIDEO]

Video circulating on social media shows a suspected thief demonstrating how he gained access into a building after being caught.


In the clip, the man who had a handcuff was made to repeat the mischievous act in the presence of some individuals who took videos of him.


The man left onlookers amazed due to the way he successfully crept into the house through a small space.

thief house suspected access

Watch the video below:

Social media users have also reacted to this video:


iphy__jenny wrote:
“He’s a verified thi#f😂”

uyehpatience wrote:
“See suffer😢😢😢 i don’t know why these thieves prefer suffering, you can as well use this time to plan good things. God please continue to protect us from evil people people around 🙏🙏”

osas_khalifa wrote:
“This guy fit sneak enter heaven😂😂”

the_______ajoke wrote:
“Is he mad?? The stuff he wants to steal does it worth this skill? Omoh I fear”



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