Drama As Young Man Who Gives Girlfriend N50k Per Month Catches Her Cheating [VIDEO]


A young man who caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another man was caught on camera making a scene.

He approached his girlfriend and her lover in a room and questioned why she chose to cheat despite receiving N50,000 per month from him.

She then countered that he only pays her a small amount of money and that the man she met had given her N200,000 just for a single night.

He then asked whether the one that pays her N50,000 isn’t equally important. However, the young woman implied that she was forced to accept the N200k because the price she pays for her hair is expensive.

There were two other men in the room with them, and it appears that one of them is the one she cheated on. They were stopping him from charging his girlfriend since he appeared to be quite hurt and enraged about her deception.

Watch the video below:



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