EDHA: Why Arc Clifford Inegbedion Is The Most Qualified Candidate To Represent Esan West


As the great people of Esan West LGA anxiously await March 2023, the day slated for House of Assembly election to choose who to represent her, there are heightened tension, intrigues and suspension on who among the contendant would emerge as the chosen one.

As it stands now, only one among these various candidate will stand out after the election to represent the interest of Esan West LGA in the Hallow Chambers, Edo State House Of Assembly.

*Arc Clifford Inegbedion* over the years have proven to be the most competent among many right now to represent Esan West LGA in the Hallo Chambers. his work for humanity speak volumes even when not in any political position,  has showcased his Passion for the wellbeing and welfare of humanity through his various self made project contributed to the people of Esan West, providing fund to support the indigent and market women etc.

He has through self made effort via his foundation, *(Clifford Inegbedion Foundation)* given out grant to countless people in Esan West LGA and else where. He has put a smile on the face of many through impactful skills acquisition training to many indigenous people of Esan West LGA and else where. His intentions to serve the good people of Esan West is borne out of his sincere desires to bring the dividend of democracy to the door step of his people.

Opinion have been sampled across Esan West LGA and it was discovererd that the LGA, will be good to go with *Arc Clifford Inegbedion* because he is the only candidate found competent among others right now..

From all indication, *Arc Clifford Inegbedion* is the most capable that can stand on behalf of the people of Esan West and bring the needed result of development to the people.

*Esan West Oyeeee… Let us support and vote Arc Clifford Inegbedion to represent our interest in Edo State House Of Assembly come 2023*

Remember, political party does not matter now but personality such as *Arc Clifford Inegbedion* do. A vote for him is a vote for true representations.

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