Edo 2024: I Will Appoint Youths Commissioners, Elders As Advisers – Says Shaibu

The deputy governor of Edo state and the PDP frontline governorship aspirant, Rt Hon Philip Shaibu has said that his administration will bring Old and young professionals into his cabinet.

Featuring on Arise TV “The Morning Show” on Wednesday morning, Shaibu said Nobody that is older than me will be made commissioner.
It is important to give the youth a voice and a platform to contribute to the development of our state by making them commissioners.

They have fresh ideas and innovative approaches that can revitalize our political landscape and contribute to the growth and progress of our state.

By appointing younger commissioners, I am also sending a message that age should not be a barrier to achieving leadership positions. It is important to break the stereotype that only older, experienced individuals are fit for such roles. Young people have the capability to be outstanding leaders if given the opportunity and support.

Forthermore , I also believe that having older professionals as advisers will bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table. Their guidance and insights will be invaluable in shaping the policies and decisions of my administration. It is crucial to have a diverse range of perspectives in order to make well-informed choices for the benefit of our state.

I am committed to creating a government that is inclusive and reflective of the needs and aspirations of all our citizens. By appointing both younger commissioners and older advisers, I am making a statement that everyone’s voice matters and that we are all integral to the progress and development of our state.

I aim to create a government that is dynamic, forward-thinking, and inclusive. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Edo state and empower the next generation of leaders.


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