Edo 2024: Umakhihe Seeks Support From APC LGA Leaders As Advance Team Visits Oredo, Ikpoba Okha

Dr. Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe, an influential governorship aspirant in the APC, has taken his campaign for the FRESH HOPE agenda to the leaders of the APC in the Ikpoba Okha and Oredo local government areas of Edo state. Accompanied by his advance team, led by Comrade Sani Usman, the state coordinator, Dr. Umakhihe’s visit aims to bring about positive change and alleviate the suffering experienced by the people of Edo state.

Comrade Sani Usman, in his address to the EXCOs of both local governments, stressed the importance of members’ support to ensure the success of the FRESH HOPE agenda. He highlighted Dr. Umakhihe’s impressive track record as a former permanent secretary and his commitment to the development of Edo state.

The EXCOs and Ward Chairmen of Ikpoba Okha and Oredo local governments expressed their appreciation for Dr. Umakhihe’s visit and commended his past achievements. The team was warmly welcomed by a diverse audience, including local government chairmen, women leaders, youth leaders, and ward chairmen from both LGAs.

Dr. Umakhihe’s presence and engagement with the APC LGA leaders have generated enthusiasm and support for his campaign. His commitment to leading Edo state out of poverty and suffering has resonated with party members, who are eager to see positive change and progress in the state.

As Dr. Umakhihe continues to advocate for his FRESH HOPE agenda, he will undoubtedly garner the backing of the APC LGA leaders and members, paving the way for a successful governorship bid and the potential for a bright future for Edo state.

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