Edo: A Paradox Called Godwin Obaseki


THE postponed House of Assembly polls is even looking more interesting compared to the Presidential and National Assembly elections, with the ill-craft narratives against the former governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who doubles as the ex-protége of Governor Godwin Obaseki.


So much tribal commentaries have been thrown up just to decimate the person of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Point of correction, I haven’t always been a fan of Oshiomhole but the recent attacks against him has completely drawn me closer to his personality.

Many of you know that during his time as Governor of Edo state, I was one of his staunch critic but I must commend him for one thing, If Oshiomhole decides to stand by you in achieving a particular course, he ensures it’s pursued to it’s logical conclusion even if he fails!

This brings me to Oshiomhole doing all in his power to enthrone Godwin Obaseki from nowhere as Governor of Edo state, which to me remains his greatest undoing politically!


Without shame, Obaseki decided to reduce Oshiomhole to nothing, sponsoring his removal as National Chairman of APC through the absconded Oshawo amongst others.

But still I would want to delve into the just concluded polls held on the 25th of February, 2023.

Spineless Obaseki, his Deputy governor and other principal officials of this government all lost their units, wards and local government areas but can you say same about Comrade Adams Oshiomhole? The answer is a Capital NO!

Even the Governor couldn’t maintain the tradition of the PDP since 1999 by winning Edo, the Senate seats in Edo South and Central and getting most HoR seats from his backyard (Edo South), doesn’t this illustrate the fact that Obaseki has fallen like the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:28-37)?


The consistent goodwill Oshiomhole enjoys today is as a result of his doings as Governor of Edo state.

The truth remains that when we as humans are opportune to hold elective positions of trust on behalf of our people we MUST be totally magnanimous in our performance/actions while occupying that particular position, we must ultimately justify that trust by ensuring that our achievements speaks volume.


Juxtaposing, Obaseki who currently is the governor with his estranged godfather Oshiomhole who was the immediate past governor, can you actually measure the goodwill these persons enjoy today?

There is no where Oshiomhole enters prepared or unprepared today that wouldn’t erupt jubilation and joy in the innermost hearts of the people compared to the other who gets bullied and embarrassed all times at his slightest appearance with the people. Reason am!

It is because of Oshiomhole’s increasing popularity with the people not as the current but the past governor that has rattled Obaseki’s camp, giving them sleepless nights, making them compose very comical press statements like the false allegations of impeachment, rigging, meeting thugs, returning Agberos while deploying their copy and paste Kommandos who are just mere pawns to push such empty and noxious tales just to indict and rubbish a man who is enveloped by his people’s love.


Ask yourself why Oshiomhole political dynasty in Edo North has continued to gain grounds, displacing even his “Bolanle” deputy governor who lost his unit during the Presidential and National Assembly polls. Why did Oshiomhole clinch the Senatorial seat without sweating?

I believe your guess is as good as mine!
His performance, Oshiomhole might not be a perfect but he distinguished himself while in office.

Can we also say that the performance of the current governor can make him create same feat politically by building a political fortress in Edo South come March 18th? Can Obaseki replicate what Oshiomhole is currently doing in Edo North?

Succinctly speaking, It’s Oshiomhole’s grace that will pave way for the entire House of Assembly seats in Edo North senatorial district to be clinched by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Can same be said in Edo South for Obaseki even as a seating Governor?

Again can Obaseki replicate this in his own backyard?

Will going out to beg for support for his deserted HoA candidates, few weeks to election guarantee their victory?

One would have thought that by now, Obaseki performance in his almost 6 and half years in office, will imprint his name in the hearts of Edo people without BEGGING and KNEELING.

E no suppose dey beg by now, haba!

But guess what, his frequent and unyielding political fights with those who helped him to power, brazen demolition and take over of his people’s property, his anti-people policies, penchant for disrespecting the sacred traditional institution, his cosmetics and substandard projects spread across the state, running the state without a functional House of Assembly for 3 years now and refusing to conduct Local government election remains his greatest albatross which has pitched him against his people.

The toxic narrative, propaganda, creepy and usual sympathetic strategy to gain undue support from Edo people against Oshiomhole isn’t working for Obaseki and his goons – trying to deceive the people with his accustomed blackmailing rhetorics wouldn’t work this time because our people don wise!
It’s time up!

Dear Mr. Governor, allow your ACHIEVEMENTS speak for you, not your BEGGING or KNEELING!

Edoko Wilson Edoko writes from Benin City wilsonedoko@gmail.com

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