Edo Guber: We Are Solidly Behind You, Akoko Edo APC Leaders Tells Dr Ernest Umakhihe

The Akoko Edo APC chairman Chief Ojo Maliki has expressed the party’s support and appreciation for Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe’s dedicated service to the Afemai. He assured him that the party leaders were solidly behind him and acknowledged his impressive track record and qualifications in various sectors.

The chairman emphasized that the time for development and the end of marginalization in Akoko Edo had come, and the party would rally behind Dr Umakhihe as he sought the APC nomination ticket in February 2024.

On his part, Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe expressed his deep connection to the Akoko Edo, highlighting his personal experiences and ties to the region. He  recalled fetching water under the rock in the area. Although he was born in Owan, he emphasized that Akoko Edo was like a second home to him.

Dr Umakhihe also unveiled his vision for the development of Akoko Edo if given the opportunity to serve. He spoke about his extensive experience as a diplomat, having visited over 70 countries, as well as his many years of service in various ministries. He mentioned his previous accolades for diligent service and his track record of delivering impactful projects across Edo state.

He outlined specific plans to make Akoko Edo a tourist attraction, harness its mineral resources for employment opportunities for Edo youths, and implement strategies to address insecurity. He also emphasized the importance of education and healthcare, promising to build and recruit teachers for schools and establish standard health centers with qualified practitioners.

Dr Umakhihe further stressed his commitment to improving infrastructure, revolutionizing agriculture through mechanized and irrigation farming, and ensuring that the people of Akoko Edo are not marginalized in terms of development.

The leaders prayed for Dr Umakhihe’s success in his political aspirations and the overall development of Akoko Edo.

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