Edo: How Female Police Crippled Me – Driver


A 37 years old cab driver, Omosigho Erauyi, has cried out over injuries inflicted on his left leg by a female police officer.

He appealed to concerned authorities to come to his aid in order for him to get back on his feet because he is the bread winner of his family.
Erauyi, a father of two said his ordeal began in June 9, 2021 over a misunderstanding with a policeman at Limit street, off Benin Sapele resulted to injury on the face of the unnamed operative.

According to him, “I was about picking up a passenger at limit junction by Sapele road of June 8, when a policeman emerged from nowhere and tried to smashed my side mirror.
“But I quickly sped off because I am not the owner of the vehicle and don’t want it damaged.

“On June 9, I returned to the scene to apologize to the officer if I violated traffic rules. But the policeman turned violent and held my clothe to my neck.
“It was at the point of trying to free myself from suffocating that I inadvertently hit the policeman of the face.
“I was further brutalised by his colleagues and taken to new Etete police station were I was detained.”


Continuing, Erauyi disclosed that he was taken to court to face trial the next day without access to his lawyer and relatives.
He disclosed that though he was granted bail by the court, he was taken back to police custody because he couldn’t meet the bail condition.

Back to custody according to him, the female police investigating officer handcuffed his hands backward and threw him to the floor.
Erauyi said, “While I was on the floor, the IPO threatened to deal with me and started hitting my legs with a gun and thereafter threw me into the cell.

“I spent additional five days in police cell with severe pains arising from the IPO brutality.”
Spokesman for the state police command, Mr. Bello Kotongs, said he was not aware of the incident
He however, admonished the victim to report the matter to the police command or zone 5 headquarters for investigation.




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