Edo-North Senate Seat: Marginalization Of Akoko-Edo And Owan Clans

THE aforementioned Senatorial District/Zone comprises of six (6) local governments, namely; Etsako-East,Etsako-West, Etsako Central, Owan-East, Owan-West and Akoko-Edo LGAs respectively.

As 2023 is fast approaching, there is urgent need to take stock of our representation at the senate level.
Those that have represented us thus far, what Axis of the District/ Zone they come from and how such representation had overtime affected the lives of the generality of the  Constituents is key to choosing who should represent us come 2023.

When taking these into account, the first and most  noticeable fact which cannot be disputed is that both the Akoko-Edo and Owan clans have been marginalized overtime from both parties and other elective offices as can be seen below;

( i). 1999-2007 – Sen. Victor K. Oyofo (Etsako)
( ii). 2007-2011 – Sen. Yisa Braimoh (Owan)
(iii). 2011- 2015 – Sen. Domingo Obende (Akoko – Edo)
(iv).  2015 – 2023 – Sen. Francis Alimikhena (Etsako)

*@ Governance/ State Level*
( i ). 1999 – 2007- Deputy Governor ( Etsako)
( ii ). Chairman, EDHA Commission (Etsako)
( iii ). Chairman, Local Government Service Commission. (Etsako).

*@ PDP State/ Senatorial Level*
( i ). Chairman, Edo North Zone ( Etsako)
( ii ). State Secretary (Etsako)
( iii ). Senatorial Secretary (Etsako)

*@ PDP National Level*

Both BOT members are from Etsako.
From the above you, would notice that the Etsako Axis would have had by the next elections 16 years out of the 22 years of the current democratic representation.

This to every right thinking person is not an equitable representation and is most worrisome.
This domination of Edo North can be traced to as far back as 1979, when it was Bendel State. We had the trio of Senators Franca Afegbua, Lamai and Albert Legogie, all being Etsako indigenes as representatives of the district at various times. If these years are taken into consideration, it further stretches the number of years the Etsako has had it and by implication, the number of years the Akoko Edo and Owan clans have been marginalized.


The race as to who should represent Edo-North Senatorial District come 2023 has commenced, various permutations from different stakeholders are being drawn by the two dominant parties: the PDP and the APC.

Sadly, we have noted again another attempt by the Etsako Axis to claim the slot of both parties.
We want to appeal to our Party in the spirit of fairplay, justice and equity zone the Seat of the Senate to either Akoko-Edo and Owan Axis to quell the feeling of marginalization.

As younger generation politicians of our great Party, we have had to sit down with our brothers, sisters, fathers from both Akoko-Edo and Owan to give serious thoughts to this issue and have resolved to work and speak  as ONE.

We shall continue to do our utmost best for our great Party as we wish that our LEADERS would heed to this appeal of zoning the Senatorial Seat to Owan/ Akoko Edo Clans.

Written by Ohi Imoukhuede & Dele Elempe


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