Edo PDP Crisis: Intrigues And Gale Of Defection Heighten In Edo Central


By Henry J

These are interesting times.

Political prostitution has been institutionalized in Edo Central.

Never before had PDP, the ruling party in the Edo Central, been faced with such degree of worrisome defections in an embarrassing manner.

Since the beginning of the 4th republic, beside the 2011 general elections when some state government officials dumped the party for the opposition, PDP had never faced the kind of embarrassment it is now facing in Edo State.

Elections had always been won easily by the party and things had never been this bad.

Today, no day passes without news of one government official or the other dumping the PDP for the opposition.

And elections are still over 14 days away.

If the defections continue, PDP may be a shadow of itself before the polls.

Many people are angry with the way and manner Governor Godwin Obaseki and Deputy had managed the party over the years.

In the APC, the party leaders decided on whom to fly the party flag and prevailed on the other aspirants not to waste their money, but in the case of Godwin Obaseki and PDP, the aspirants were allowed to spend their hard earned money and in the end, he ensured his preferred candidate got the ticket.

And in the event that his preferred candidate failed to secure the ticket through the ballot, he scuttled the process and roll out his arsenals to secure victory for his preferred candidate as in the case of Clifford Ordia and Mike Onolemenen.

Dan Orbih Group won the PDP primaries in a clean and clear manner for the Various federal constituency ticket in a free and fair primary election.

But Godwin Obaseki insisted it must be his Disciples.

He scuttled the processes, have His Disciples declared winner in the second ballot and followed it up to the Supreme Court to ensure Dan Orbih Group never recovered their mandate.

It doesn’t matter whether the crude seizure of the party ticket could affect the chances of the PDP in the general elections.

Obaseki’s unrepentant posture on his choice of party flag-bearers is one reason why many party faithful are switching to the opposition to teach him and his preferred candidates lessons he may not forget in a hurry.

When the defections started in Edo central, I thought it was going to follow the old pattern of 2011.

But today, the defections have occurred in all parts of Edo State sending the PDP into a panicky mode and fueling the ‘cash out’ business which has forced Governor Godwin Obaseki to open the state vault to buy over APC members or retain those who are desirous of leaving the party.

This development is a sure evidence of some deep-rooted frustrations and mismanagement of the fortune of the party by Philip Shaibu, who like an emperor, have suppressed the will of the people over time just like it happened during the last local government Laison Officer Appointment.

Now, the people have risen to fight back and a visibly worried Governor Godwin Obaseki has resorted to the politics of ‘cash out’ to retain his Party followership.

How far this will go, no one can tell.

What the development subsumes is that 2023 is pay-back time.

The coming election is massive opportunity for the people to pay their tormentors in their own coin.

Governor Godwin Obaseki may be deluding himself as having Edo state in his pocket but February 25 and March 11 will tell whether the people are truly behind him or not.

Those around him may be telling him what he wants to hear.

That is the fate of tyrants whom acolytes dread to tell the truth.

The PDP in Edo State is collapsing by the day.

The odds are against the PDP not because of any crime Senator Clifford Ordia may have committed but he may pay for the sins of Godwin Obaseki against the people on February 25 and March 11, 2023.

*The most worrisome part of the story is the ‘Nichodemus meetings’ by state government officials including serving commissioners and Council Laison Officer Chairmen, former and serving, with APC in ungodly hours.*

Godwin Obaseki does not even know who to trust anymore.

Chief Dan Orbih is aggrieved and not totally committed to the Godwin Obaseki project.

Chief Dan Orbih is holding meetings with opposition element all in a bid to teach Godwin Obaseki some hard lessons in ‘politics 2023’.

Chief Dan Orbih the leader of the PDP in Edo State hurts and cannot be fully identified with the Godwin Obaseki gang in the state.

He is like the snake that moves at night with difficulty in identifying the head and tail.

*Where the pendulum will swing could be determined by the mood and disposition of the Dan Orbih Group in the coming weeks.*

As remarked earlier, Governor Godwin Obaseki has opened the state vault to bribe as many APC leaders as possible to cross to PDP in order to save his face and career.

All over Edo State, the mood in the streets does not favour the PDP.

The APC is gaining ground everyday while PDP is hemorrhaging.

Those PDP warlords grandstanding in the media do so as a face saving mechanism.

The ‘PDP House of Commotion’ is collapsing and the tell signs are ominous.

One major challenge before the party is that members who are prepared to work against the PDP are more than the faithful ones.

Anything can happen in the coming polls.

But nobody should grandstand that all is well with the PDP in Edo State State.

It happened in Bayelsa state in 2019.

It happened in the 2015 presidential polls.

Nobody is unbeatable in Nigeria, not anymore.

Let our day break!

One thought on “Edo PDP Crisis: Intrigues And Gale Of Defection Heighten In Edo Central

  1. Dan Orbin and is followers can go ahead to pull his party PDP down for APC who cares. Note APC will never give him the chance to be the leader of their party. Adams Oshiomole will only use him for his personal gains and dumb him like a bag of trash 🗑 that is what he is going to leave for throughout the days of his life. And PDP will never gain access to government house 🏠 again no more. Let me tell you all something H.E Mr Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is not a man made person. He is God made human being that is why he always wins 🏆 all his battles. So you people should just work with him to let your party continue to rules the state. This is my advice to all PDP members in Edo State don’t be a fool that when you live PDP to APC you will be recognized.( Never )

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