EDO SOUTH 2023: Asuen Reveals His Plan for Employment, Job Creation


_An excerpt from our 5mins Chat with Hon. Valentine Asuen, APC Candidate for Senate, Edo South Senatorial District._

Hear him:

“No nation can be said to be a developed country or have a healthy positive growth index when the rate of unemployment is in double digits. This is a burning issue in my mind, one of the driving compulsion in my quest to represent my people at the Red Chamber…”

“..As CEO/Managing Director of DVD OIL Ltd, I laid a path to achieving the goals in reducing poverty in our Senatorial District by the number of persons I have engaged in my businesses thus far. DVD is a conglomerate spanning Oil and Gas, Distribution of Industrial Machineries and Spares, Haulage and Transportation of Goods, Hospitality Businesses, Real Estate and Liquefied Natural Gas, and has certainly be involved in empowerment and upliftment of my people with numerous charities and welfare projects to our names.”

“We must know that the task of creation and sustainability of jobs cannot be left for the government alone as many factors come to play in the creation of jobs in a nation as ours. Having the right robust legislation to address this problem is a definite start point right now.”

“Our Economy is faced with a number of challenges, especially high levels of poverty and unemployment. My desire therefore is to propose and sponsor bills for Job creation, social welfare laws to address these challenging problems in a our nation”

“There is no gainsaying that Job creation and job sustainability are of paramount importance now and lack of social welfare law in this country, especially with regard to the current economic situation in our nation, hence, the primary objective needs to be growth, job creation and job sustainability. There is a need to create more jobs, but we must also sustain the existing jobs.”

“To this end, I hope to promote legislation on job creation, job sustainability and social welfare law by sponsoring Bills on Job creation and reviewing existing Labour laws on social welfare to address our current state as a Nation.”

*_Watch out for the serialized versions of this chat. Coming shortly….._*


~Voice Of Asuen In Senate.

~Valentine Owamagbe Asuen 4 Senate 2023

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