Edo South: Lucky Imasuen’s Alleged Imposition And The Issues At Stake Matters Arising By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Political parties are meant to be run on the tripod of Transparency, Trust and Ethics which I normally refer to as TTE.

The democratic process in Nigeria is being threatened by a lack of public trust in political parties. A healthy and long-lasting democracy requires ethical politics, which boils down to political parties having a stable and reliable internal framework.

Only political parties that practice the virtues of justice and fairness can provide a clean government in any type of democracy throughout the Universe.

The following principles must be rooted in the parties: I Honesty (ii) Adequate consultations

(iii). Transparency (iv). Communication is essential (v). Accessibility and Approachability (vi). Consistency, dependability, and consistency.

The reports coming out of the APC Edo South Senatorial district are quite concerning. Yesterday, the media was awash with a video of the State APC secretary, Engr. Lawrence Okah, publicly endorsing the aspiration of Former Deputy Governor of Edo State Chief Lucky Imasuen as the next Senatorial candidate for Edo South.

If the support had not come from the party’s state secretary, it would not have been cause for alarm. It’s unfortunate that such an educated and well-respected individual should be airing his views on national television.

We all know he has a personal preference, just as we all know the President has a preference for who would succeed him as the next Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

But he keeps it close to his chest because that is the very minimum of responsibility he bears towards the electorate.

For the sake of fairness and equity, that is a clear illustration of how ethnics should be implemented in political parties.
Lucky Imasuen has undoubtedly paid his dues in the political party and deserves support, but it is also important to realize that other contenders have also paid their dues and deserve support.

The current heightened tension in Edo South clearly demonstrates that attempting to short-circuit justice and fairness would be detrimental to the party; political contests do not end with primaries. It’s only a phase.

Over the previous few weeks, youths, community elders, leaders, and party stakeholders have been crying out about the Former Deputy Governor’s way and manner in joining the Senatorial race.

Prior to now, Edo South was left rudderless, with no effective leadership to deal with Senator Matthew Urhoghide’s dismal representation, who, after eight years in the Red Chambers, has little to show the people and is unhappily seeking a third term.


Then Hon Valentine Asuen, a successful entrepreneur who has paid his dues in the party, took up the challenge of recalling Mathew Urhoghide by stepping out of his comfort zone to confront the serving Senator’s third term ambition.

Valentine Asuen’s ambition became a movement, and the people accepted his entry into the Senate race, so it is only natural that the well-respected Former Deputy Governor, who had previously praised Valentine Asuen’s aspirations, should canvass for his own support in the same noble manner as Asuen, instead of the alleged intimidation peddled around.

But, regrettably, the word on the street is that HE Lucky Imasuen is attempting to force his way onto the party’s ticket through coercion and intimidation, with numerous reports claiming that a cabal within the party hierarchy has anointed his candidacy at the expense of other players and elements.

According to reports on the street, the bulk of APC members are strongly opposed to the purported imposition, therefore the State Secretary’s public endorsement of Lucky Imaseun is viewed negatively due to his party position held.

Matters Arising:

According to my views, Edo South APC is battle ready to depose Matthew Urhoghide; thus, the party must ensure a level playing field so that whoever emerges from among these first-class party members will be a popular choice and lead the party to victory.

Let me sign off by clarifying what leadership is all about.

“Hemphill’s definition of leadership cited in Egbo (1998:238) as the behaviour of an individual who is involved in directing group activities, suits the context of this Workshop’s discourse.”

This is due to the fact that every level of the party’s hierarchy or leadership, whether Chairman, Secretary, Woman Leader, or Youth Leader, is a leader. As a result, a person’s behavior in leading the party’s activities and coordinating members at the level where he or she operates is critical in accomplishing desired outcomes.

I rest my case, my name is Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, Editor in Chief iReporteronline.

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