Edo: Stop Monopolizing The Governor! [He Belongs To Nobody But To Everybody] By Samuel Peter

There’s what is called “FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION”.. It’s One of the Fundamental rights of every existing human as provided for by the universal common Law.

I’m not against the Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki associating with anybody he deems and chooses to for/by himself, as he’s simply exercising his fundamental right.

For heaven’s sake, the governor isn’t a baby, he has got his own thinking faculty and initiatives.. You cannot dictate, choose, think, act or decide for him whom he should and shouldn’t associate with.
You’re not in the position to tell or decide for him what he must and mustn’t do. Allow him be the judge of what he must do for himself.

Moreover, these whole drama and insensitivity of who should be and shouldn’t be close to the Governor must stopped in this coming 2022.
We’re not in the English league/Premiership in Edo State, it’s not a supporters Club and Fan affair.

Governance is for the people which is everybody, it’s everybody’s business and the Governor is there to represent everybody… I do not believe the governor has done anything wrong reconciling or, associating with even his enemies. Afterwards, very many of us here are claimants of Christianity and, this is what Our Bible tells/teaches us (Forgive and Pray for even your enemies)

Many of us here holding claim to the governor today, were once hatefully against him especially during the years 2015/2016/2017 upto 2018. Especially during the 2016 Governorship election. Even some Obaseki’s Opposers as of then has just recently made his Commissioner appointment list.
Many of us claiming the Governor as though, their personal Property, campaigned and voted against him in 2016 in favour of POI (You know yourselves, search your Consciences too), even when those you’re criticizing today and accused of going to government house were the ones promoting the Obaseki of today as of then in the APC where Obaseki was birthed.
Even when POI lost that 2016 election to OBASEKI, very many of y’all claiming undying love for Obaseki as of today, but as of then, were the day to day Opposer and destroyer of the Obaseki name, brand, image and government in favor of POI just because he didn’t win.


You cannot stop a Man from associating with his old friends.. These same love and support energies y’all are investing on the Governor today, those same persons have done the same, for/to this same OBASEKI, during the period Obaseki was enemy and opposition to y’all.

Nobody Sold Obaseki to any other as personal private property!

Look, Mr. Godwin Obaseki I’d say, is a full grown adult who knows his left from his right.. To his so called supporters, S.T.O.P that bad attitude of Possession, which is bourn out of envy and jealousy that has led to hate for one and another.
It’s not your business who the governor invites to government house.. The governor is not answerable to y’all and doesn’t take his decisions and orders from you.
You’re now the ones with the infringement on the governor’s fundamental right and freedom to associate.
Wouldn’t it be better you had occupied yourself with meaningful and better things.?

Words are always sufficient and enough for only the wise.

God bless y’all as you reminisce.



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