Egor/Ikpoba-Okha: Hon Pius Alile Timely Message to Our Distinguished Delegates

Dear Leaders and delegates, we are using this medium to solicit for your support and vote for the right man who the cap fits come tomorrow as the All Progressive Congress (APC) holds her scheduled primaries.

My fellow party men and women, we cannot fold our arms and allow ourselves to play the roles expected of us with our hands in our pocket, because the challenges bedeviling our nation are many and they require fresh ways to tackling them. So it is our responsibility to ensure we set sentiment aside in the selection of our new breed of leaders who are well grounded with what it takes to both win an election and to lead us from the bottom up.

We cannot afford to get it wrong because the stakes are high and our failure to get it right puts at stake our future and those of our younger generation.

We can also not afford to accept the status quo as an acceptable standard anymore without a concerted effort to getting the best deal for ourselves, our children and our future generation. Rather, breaking away from the old ways and charting a new direction in our quest to ensure that only effective, efficient and sellable leaders get into positions of power and responsibility – that should be the concern of all of us, as joint stakeholders of Egor/ Ikpoba-Okha land.


We cannot afford to trade our future with another period of uncertainty, bleakness and hardship, as the last few years had shown in our land and nation. We must be ready to take the lead and march our people into a future that is assured. We must give those who possess the practical knowhow the opportunity to be at the forefront.

In this primary election, fellow citizens of Egor and Ikpoba-Okha, we must pledge to be hopeful and put aside our short term individual benefits and look towards achieving our collective benefits in the long run.

So we must not allow our decision to be clouded by any other factors other than the capacity to wrestle power from the party that has brought untold hardship on our people and the capacity to deliver good and impactful governance to our people and nation.

And it is because my education, trainings and experience have provided me with these that I had harkened to the calls of our people to stand for this election.

So, I urge every one of us today to look inward and vote in accordance to the true yearnings of our great people.

Support, Nominate And Vote Hon Pius Alile As Your Candidate.

God Bless You All


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