Eight Facts About Tinubu’s Visit To Rivers

The President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will be in Rivers State from Wednesday, May 3rd to Thursday, May 4th on an official visit.

The following are facts about the visit considered as one of the most important events in the state:


1. It is the first official visit to any State by Tinubu since his emergence as the President-elect.

2. Tinubu will be in Rivers on the invitation of Governor Nyesom Wike to inaugurate two iconic projects. These are the 12th flyover, the Rumuola-Rumuokwuta Flyover, and the ultra-modern Magistrate Court’s Complex constructed by Wike in Port Harcourt.

3. While Tinubu will inaugurate the 12th flyover, perhaps the last of such project series undertaken by Wike within one year, on May 3rd, he will inaugurate the iconic Magistrate Court Complex on May 4th.


4. Tinubu will use the visit to appreciate Wike and the people of Rivers for voting for him during the Presidential election against all odds. Wike midwifed the victory of Tinubu in Rivers and for the first time since 1999, a Presidential candidate from another party other than the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won the state.

5. Wike has prioritised the visit above all other state’s activities. He declared a public holiday to enable people troop out en-masse to receive the President-elect.

6. All local government areas in Rivers are excited about the visit. Through their executive chairmen, local councils have released official messages to welcome Tinubu to Rivers.

7. The visit will build a special relationship between Rivers people and the incoming administration of Tinubu at the federal level.

8. Rivers people are upbeat about the visit and are prepared to give Tinubu the best Rivers hospitality.

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