‘Elected Public Office Holders Supporting Secession Should Resign’


Elected public office holders who are supporting secessionists have been advised to resign and prevented from contesting future elections.

According to a press statement made available to journalists in Lagos which was signed by the National Co-ordinator of No Alternative To Buhari-Osinbajo 2019 (NATBO 2019), Vincent G. Uba, the group observed that

the agitations for secession across the country were the creation of persons whose agenda is to discredit the current administration, plant seeds of discord and hatred in the minds of the populace against the government to legitimise their agitations.

NATBO blamed the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the crises in the South East.

“Yes, this is the time when patriots and lovers of the country should rally round the president to defend the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria.

It is very unfortunate that the current administration under President Muhammadu Buhari, with very meagre financial resources is being blackmailed by these agents of distablisation clamouring for secession as well as dishonest opposition politicians.

“The groups that make the most noise about this marginalisation saga are those from the South – East with IPOB in the forefront. Ironically, the South – East zone happens to be the most favoured in terms of infrastructure provision under the government of President Buhari.”



NATBO 2019 described those at the forefront of these secession agitations as “a bunch of hypocrites, ungenuine and insincere leaders who not only have delusions of grandeur about their secession agenda, but also have delusions of grandeur about themselves. They, because they have secret and selfish motives, employ all kinds of underhand methods and tactics to pursue their selfish dreams.”

The group therefore advised the authorities to come hard on those who commit and peddle these vices, warning that “the freedom of information and free speech is not the same thing as freedom to engage in spreading fake news, hate speeches and the likes.”

The group also condemned some of the elected officials aligning with the secessionists to write and send destructive letters and petitions to the international bodies.

“Our take is that they should be made to resign and prevented from contesting future elections. It is double standard and conflict of interest to be elected and sworn in to office under the Nigerian law and at the same time be canvassing for secession or for another country,” the statement said.




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