Election Tribunal: Why We Withdraw Petition Against Tinubu – APP Counsel Obed Agu

The fact that the Action People Party withdrew their suit contesting Asiwaju Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress’ victory in the elections of February 25 is no longer news.

Recall that the APP had challenged the results of the presidential election on the grounds that INEC regulations and electoral laws were allegedly not followed.

Obed Agu, the attorney for the APP, indicated in a statement made shortly after the tribunal dismissed the petition that he was required to withdraw the petition against Tinubu per the instructions of his client.


He claimed that although he had to follow instructions, he was prepared to take up the issue for the latter.


He claimed, “I was told to withdraw the complaint against Asiwaju Tinubu.

Up to the very last minute, I was ready to take on this case as a lawyer, but things changed. The brief is not my own. The brief belongs to my client. I was asked by a member of the press two days ago if I wanted to withdraw the petition, and my response was no. I wouldn’t say no to that, though, if I had my client’s permission to do


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