ENDSARS: They Killed The Heroes Yet Failed To Kill The Historians, The Story Must Be Told – By Comrade Promiseland


They could not kill the hawk that came after the chicks but killed the Dove that came in Peace, yet they claim to be wise..

Heroes are Noble and strong…An hero’s commitment is total, his ways are Noble ….his mission is to liberate , protect and defend his belief, He is to stand strong and lay down his life for his faith, his nation, his people and his loved ones.

What manner of nobility and valour?

To the HEROES of 20-10-20, I sought Solace in the Ancient Spartans and the Roman warriors of old.

I Sought solace in the fearsome Vikings who believed that it was a curse to die a peaceful death and that the only way to heaven was to die Violently and Heroically in fearsome battles.

I sought Solace in the Biblical king David, the greatest of all the kings of Israel, who was a man of blood and war and yet whom God so loved and love God more than any other..

I Sought Solace in Shaka the Zulu, Beowulf the Nordic king and William Wallace the liberator of Scotland.

I Sought Solace in Spartacus, who turned slaves into Men.

I Sought Solace in Amina of Zaria, Margaret Thatcher of great Britain, Indira Gandhi of India, Queen Idia of Benin Kingdom.

I sought Solace in Ken saro-wiwa whose prose moved mountains and who refused to bow to a dictator..

I rob for solace Patrice Lumumba who died for his country,.

I rob for solace in John Jerry Rawlings who stood for his country and liberated a generation.

I sought Solace in Nelson Mandela, who brought joy to millions of people.
I sought Solace in Fidel Castro who broke the yoke of bondages.

I rob for solace in Myanmar Ghaddafi who empowered his people, Gamal Abdul Nasser, who gave hope to the Arabs.

I rob for solace in Thomas Sankara who stood and died for Africa.

I sought Solace in Malcolm X who brought dignity to his people.

With my reignited soul and reawakened spirit, I remember today the great Heroes who died in Edo, Delta and other states, especially the fallen Heroes of the Lekki massacre….Our hearts bleeds and cry for justice even as our eyes can no longer bleed.

An Hero is always prepared to die protecting and defending his faith, people and country..that is what makes him Noble..,
Today in history we remember our fallen Heroes who sacrificed their today so that we may have our tomorrow. They lived and died for the sake of others and asked for only one thing in return: that their names should live forever and that we should never forget their noble deeds and their ultimate sacrifice…may you all be remembered like Great Julius Caesar who came, saw and conquered.

And may you be the rock which we will build our statue of Liberation….
When the dark angel comes, as come he must for us all, let us be men and let us die a good death, not cringing and crying like puppies, but like true Comrades, fighting to the bitter end….May we not remain silent like a ram being led to the slaughter room…may we not die without a fight…

Rest on Heroes of Liberation!
Rest on Comrades!!
Aluta discontinua for the agents of the states who murdered the peaceful dove shall beg for mercy on the last day ….


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