#EndSARS: We won – DJ Switch Reacts To ECOWAS Court Judgment


Obianuju Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, has described the recent judgement of the Community Court of Justice of ECOWAS on the controversial #EndSARS protest as a win.

DJ Switch said she and other victims trusted that the facts and evidence presented to the court would be irrefutable, even in the face of discouragement.

DAILY POST recalls that the ECOWAS court recently ordered the Federal Government to pay DJ Switch, Perpetual Kamsi and Dabiraoluwa Adeyinka N2 million each for violation of their rights.

However, DJ Switch said she couldn’t express the emotional trauma they all went through and the life changes they had to make.

She said they had been able to work through it and that the ECOWAS court verdict certainly made a positive impact.

In a post on her X handle on Thursday, she wrote: “#ENDSARS: After a three year battle against the Nigerian government at the ECOWAS court, justice was served yesterday! We won!

“Just like many of you, I have little to no faith in any branch of service in Nigeria but, the ECOWAS court is the highest court on the continent and while many find humor and make jokes about its chairman being the illegal president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, we forged on, hoping still, and trusting that the facts and evidence we had and presented to the court would be irrefutable.

“For those who say, “after how many years?” I want you to understand that most court cases take a long time especially one where the respondent (in this case, the Nigerian government) tries to frustrate you! Either not showing up on set court dates or asking for adjournments for lack of preparation and all other silly excuses under the sun. Still, we had to exercise patience and be steadfast in our pursuit.

“I cannot express the emotional trauma we’ve all been through and life changes we’ve had to make but thankfully, with professional help, we’ve been able to work through it and this verdict certainly made a positive impact.

“I have never wavered once in my shared experience and I am grateful to my lawyers for presenting our experiences and evidence with tact and also grateful to the esteemed judges for doing their due diligence.

“Sitting in court yesterday and hearing the verdict from the judges indicting the Nigerian government of the crime they committed on the 20th of October, 2020 was one of the best days of my life since that horrific day and also legally vindicates us all. If no room is left for corruption to fester, the people are served.

“Barring any obstruction from the government to follow the instructions of the court, I can finally move on to other things, passion wise which I hope to share with you all.

“Naysayers can scream all they want! It is now legally documented in history who the criminals actually were.”

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