Enogie Of Eyaen Dissociates Self, Rialto Hotel From Planned Coronation Of “Sultan” Of Shuwa Arab In Edo


HIS Royal Highness Dr Osazuwa Aiwerioghene Iduriase JP, Enogie of Eyaen and Chief Executive of Rialto Hotel has dissociated himself and Rialto Hotel from the planned coronation of “Sultan” Idriss Addano as the Sultan of Shuwa Arab of Edo State scheduled to hold at Rialto Hotel Eyaen between August 21st and 22nd 2021.

Iduriase in a statement he personally signed said the publication of the use of Rialto Hotel for that event was malicious and was done in bad faith.

According to him the people in question approached him that they wanted to use Rialto Hotel for a party, and later turned it to a coronation ceremony of Sultan of Shuwa Arab of Edo State without his consent.

Iduriase said as a traditional ruler and custodian of the culture and tradition of Benin people, he was very much aware of the implication of such coronation ceremony in Benin Kingdom and that he would never be part of it directly or indirectly.


He further stated that he was aware that there could never be two kings in Benin Kingdom in whatever guise and that the Benin Kingdom recognised the existence of only one Sultan in Nigeria which is the Sultan of Sokoto.

Iduriase however warned those planning to use Rialto Hotel for such coronation ceremony to desist immediately, adding that his investigations showed that the said group had not made any financial commitment to Rialto Hotel for the said event, but went ahead to publicise it in the media, a situation the Enogie described as a calculated attempt to bring his name and that of Rialto Hotel to public ridicu le and disrepute.



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