EPL: UK Govt Takes Decision On Stopping Matches As New Lockdown Begins

The UK government has given the Premier League the green light to carry on, despite introducing tougher new coronavirus rules.

The Football Association and EFL have also received assurances that they will be exempt ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup fixtures.

It comes as a huge relief for English football as Prime Minister Boris Johnson brings in a new raft of crackdowns.

Premier League football restarted during the first lockdown last June and the Government remains happy that the protocols ensure it is safe for players.

Football is also seen as important for the national mood amid the COVID-19 pandemic and it can carry on in the Premier League, EFL and FA Cup.

The COVID-19 alert in the UK was on Monday raised to the highest level (5).

This means the National Health Service (NHS), the government-funded healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

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