Esan West EDHA: Why Arc Clifford Inegbedion Most Qualified Candidate To Fly The Flag

Arc Clifford Inegbedion is the topmost candidate for the seat of Edo State House Of Assembly in Esan West local government area and being a responsible personality with sound character traits has come out to serve the great people of Esan West LGA in Hallow chamber. *Esan Oyeeee….*

A lot of persons are masquerading as having the magic wand to make the people proud, yet there is no track record to back up their claims. They are yet to tell us what their plans are.

But one man, *Arc Clifford Inegbedion, whom we all know as a golden fish that has no hiding place because of his numerous impact on humanity, has a track record of serving the people and this has place him in the topmost position among other*. He has impacted many and help make their dream a reality and providing support to make them the best they can be in their endeavours.

Going through his profile, one can understands and value the contributions of infrastructure in improving the people quality of life.


*Arc Clifford Inegbedion* is prepared and ready. He is fit and capable. He wields massive strength of character, integrity and honour. This is a golden opportunity before us which we can judiciously utilize to reposition *Esan West local government area* when he gets to the Hallow chamber in Edo State House Of Assembly.

With good leadership trait which *Arc Clifford Inegbedion* symbolizes, we are sure to reset and get a viable representative in our dear Local government area, *Esan West* and put it on the path of progress, inclusiveness and effective service.

A time to make a loud statement for the overall good of Esan West is now, let support and vote *Arc Clifford Inegbedion* to make all these a reality.

*Don’t forget, Labour party is the party*

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