Escaped Hyena From Jos Wild Life Park Recaptured

The Hyena that’s escaped from the Jos wild life park has been recaptured.

The management of the park said the animal, which escaped from the park days ago, was found, tranquilized, captured and safely returned to its enclosure.

The General manger of the Plateau State Tourism Corporation, Chuwang Pwajok, who announced the return,however did not mention when the animal escaped or where it was found.

Many residents have been apprehensive since the news of the Hyena’s escspe went public on Monday.

“The relentless efforts of our team, coupled with the unwavering support of the public, led to this successful capture,” the management said.

The Plateau State Tourism Corporation reassured enhanced measures were in place to prevent future occurrences and to ensure the continued safety of both the animals and the community.

It was not the first time that animals escaped from the park.

In 2015, a lion escaped, while the most recent was in July 2018 when another lion escaped from its cage.

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