Ethiopian Airstrike Targeting Tigray Fighters Claims Kids, Medics

An Ethiopian military airstrike on Friday destroyed a kindergarten in the northern Tigray region.

The air assault claimed the lives of at least seven people including children and medics.

The government raided the affected area two days after fighting broke out south of the Tigray border.

The situation might have jeopardized a five-month truce between the government and rebels.

Video shows emergency workers walking through the rainbow-colored kindergarten in search of survivors.

The victims of the strike were rushed to the city’s main hospital, Ayder Referral and another facility.

A surgeon, Dr. Fasika Amdeslasie said that four bodies were brought to Ayder, and another three to the Mekelle Hospital.


“The jet came, we heard a blast, and then the victims started pouring in”, he said.

Ayder Hospital director Kibrom Gebreselassie confirmed that they received four dead and nine wounded.

A statement by the Ethiopian government threatened to hit Tigray rebels more and urged civilians to avoid military sites.

Human rights advocate Christina Laws condemned the government action in a tweet.

“A kindergarten & residential area in Mekelle was targeted by airstrike by the Ethiopian gov.

“Such an attack is a war crime! 88% of the schools have already been damaged.”, she wrote.


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