Etsako West Constituency 1: Group Blows Hot Over Alleged Purported Endorsement Of Malik Abubakar By Dan Orbih

It is imperative that we clear the air on the purported information going round in constituency 1 that Abubakar Malik has been endorsed by our leader Chief Dan Osi Orbih.

A leader from Club-3 named ABUDU OWARE is currently going round threatening delegates and PDP faithfuls in club-3 and constituency 1 at large that our most respected Leader and PDP south south chairman, Chief Dan Osi Orbih has given his support and endorsed the aspiration of Malik Abubakar as the preferred candidate for House of Assembly primaries come May 7.

We find this information misleading, unreasonable and unacceptable to our great party and to the general public.

As at today we have more that 6 Aspirant vying for same position as Malik and we seriously don’t know the parameters which Malik Abubakar was allegedly endorsed by our leader as quoted by ABUDU OWARE.

For purpose of clarity HON. Razak Momoh, Dada Abubakar, Engr Abu Shaibu, and Sule Irale are more popular and more on ground than the proposed Abubakar Malik who was allegedly endorsed by Chief Dan Orbih.

We are writing this to the general members and delegates of PDP in constituency 1 to kindly ignore this information as we know our most respected Leader the ODUMA OF AFRICA will never support or endorsed someone who’s not popular and not on ground politically. We believe in his leadership and we are convinced that our leader Chief Dan Osi Orbih will create an atmosphere for free fair and credible primaries come May 7th.

For fairness and equity we are calling on our leader, Chief Dan Osi Orbih to please call Mr Abudu Oware to order, we can’t afford to waste this very opportunity of winning this election by causing internal division within our great party.


1. Abudu Oware should henceforth desist from threatening delegates with the word ” Leader say” and allow delegates to support their preferred candidate.

2. Abudu Oware should be called to order to stop threatening party executives from his ward and by extension club-3 that they will be removed from office if they fail to heed to his instructions.

3. We are more consign about his dubious attitude of extorting money from aspirants from his zone.

4. We are aware of how Malik Abubakar gave him 5million naira for a purported endorsement/ buying of delegates even before the primaries.

5. As a matter of utmost importance we urge our leader to clear the air on the current information going round and possibly warn Abudu Oware from destroying his hard earn reputation.

Finally, We call on the leadership of PDP to take appropriate actions on this matter and also clear the air and Futher warn Mr Abudu Oware to stop parading someone who is not popular and someone who’s not financially stable for to fly the Flag of our great party.

We are convinced that the leadership of our great party will as a matter of great importance take necessary action to current this menace.

Thank you and God bless



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